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Corona Kavach Policy- National Insurance Company

Corona Kavach Policy - National:  is a standard short-term individual indemnity health insurance product designed specifically to address the basic health insurance need of insuring public during the Covid 19 pandemic. The Policy covers Hospitalisation Expenses for In-Patient Carefor treatment of Covid during the Policy Period, Pre Hospitalisation (15 days), Post Hospitalisation (30 days) expenses, Ambulance Charges and Home Care Treatment. Any amount payable under the policy shall be subject to the terms of coverage Exclusions, Conditions and Definitions contained herein. Maximum liability of the Company under all such claims during the Policy Period shall be the Sum Insured (Individual or Floater) opted and specified in the Schedule.

National Parivar Mediclaim Policy

This is a floater cover, covering the whole family for a single SI within the range of Rs. 2 lacs to Rs.10 lacs. The Sum Insured floats over the family members i.e. anyone suffering from illness may have the hospitalisation benefit. There are two sections under the policy. This policy has enhanced benefits over and above the National Parivar Mediclaim for family policy. Some of them are non-allopathic treatment, domiciliary hospitalization, Maternity etc. Family incudes self, spouse, two dependent children and parents. The Sum Insured ranges between Rs. 1/2/3/4//6/7/8/9/10 lacs and Critical Illness Sum Insured should not be more than Hospitalisation SI.

National Mediclaim Plus Policy

Coverages: Hospitalisation Expenses as an inpatient. Treatment for Allopathy, Homeopathy & Ayurveda and 140+ day care, Pre and Post Hospitalisation are covered, The Policy comes in three plans A, B and C. Plans B and C are enhanced covers having facilities like Air Ambulance, Medical emergency reunion, Doctors home visit and nursing care during post hospitalisation. Optional covers are - Outpatient Treatment & Critical Illness.

National Mediclaim Policy

Coverage: Covers Hospitalisation expenses under the following heads. 1. Room Boarding and Nursing charges and others 25% of the Sum Insured any one illness. Sublimit for room charges 1% of SI and for ICU 2% of SI. 2. Medical practitioners surgeons anaesthetist consultants and specialists fees : 25% of the SI any one illness. 3. Anaesthesia, blood, oxygen etc: 50% of the SI any one illness 4. Ambulance charges restricted to 1% of the SI subject to a max of Rs. 2000 in a policy period. 5. Day care procedure for 140 plus procedures 6. Pre and Post hospitalization for 30 and 60 days respectively 7. Ayurveda and Homeopathy treatments restricted to 20% of the SI Some General Exclusions: a. Pre-existing diseases 48 months...
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