Earthquake Loss Cover Insurance Policy


Photo by Sunyu Kim on Unsplash

Name of Insurer: National Insurance Company

Class A constructed all type of Structure / buildings residensial or commercial or public purpose can be covered for the loss due to earthquake. The contents inside the building can also be covered in such policy.

The premium for coverage is dependent on the geographic location of the property falling under a specific earthquake zone.

Premium Rate for Earthquake Damage cover

Earthquake Zone Premium (Rs.) Per Mille (per 1000Rs)

Zone I

0.50 (Means 50 Rs. per Lakh)
Zone II 0.25 (Means 25 Rs. per Lakh)
Zone III 0.10 (Means 10 Rs. per Lakh)
Zone IV 0.05 (Means 5 Rs. per Lakh)
+ Taxes (18% GST or any other local taxes)