Electric Private Car Third Party ( Act / Liability ) Only Insurance


As the number of electric cars increasing in roads, insurance companies are also introducing new insurance products to cover them. National Insurance Company is also proving Liability /Third Party/Act only electric private car insurance. Company also provides comprehensive package insurance policy for electric private car; however, this page aims to explain the Liability only electric private car Insurance policy.
The Third-Party Insurance of electric private car is set to categorise as per the capacity of vehicle’s electric motor. The capacity of motor in electric vehicle is measured in Kilo Watt (KW). They are categorised in three different categories based on vehicle’s motor Kilo Watt rating for the purpose of Third-Party Insurance tariffs. Following Table is presented to illustrate the different categories and respective Third-Party insurance tariffs; premium rate is exclusive of taxes.

Electric Private Car TP Premium Rate (In Rupees, excluding Taxes) Table
Motor Rating In Kilowatt

TP Premium


Long term TP Premium

(Three years)

0-30 KW 1761 4493
>30-65KW 2738 8104
>65KW 6707 20659

Currently most of the Indian states are charging taxes as GST only at the rate of 18 percent of the premium.