Fire, FLOP & IAR Insurance


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Fire Insurance is an important portfolio of every general insurer. It is equally important for all its consumers ranging from small shopkeepers to mega industrial complexes. Though commercial organizations are exposed to various kinds of pure risks, fire Insurance is the most preferred insurance cover by all financial institutions as collateral security against finance made by them.
Fire insurance is traditionally transacted not as a Standalone Fire insurance product, but as a package covering certain allied perils including Special Perils like Strikes, Riot, etc. and Act of God (AOG) perils likes Flood, Earthquake, etc. Accordingly the prevalent fire policy in Indian market is known as Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy.



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how much premium I need to pay for fire insurance of my home buildup area 2000 sq feet @ 4500/- per sq feet= 9000000

1. only fire

2. fire+earthquake

3. any other risk coverage, if you can cover

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final rate can be quoted after submission of proposal from and underwriting the proposal.

1. but just to give you a clue, for fire it can be 14 per milli means 14 per lakh, 14x90=1260 +18% GST

2. if it is in Jaipur than for earthquake additional 5 rupees per lakh means 450 + GST

3. you can also cover for SFTI (Strom, Flood, Terrorism, Inundation)

4. Burglary (contents in home)

5. personal accident and so many, just tell us your insurable interests- please call us to know more.